Welcome to Southlake Odier Bancorp Offshore

Welcome to Southlake Odier Bancorp Offshore

This is an institutional based financial institution that offers services in the area Corporate Finance, Offshore Banking and Insurance Schemes.

Southlake Odier Bancorp Offshore

We administer International Bank Transfers, Payment of Bills; Utility, Taxes, Insurance Premiums and more.

who we are

A reliable Financial Institution that focus on all forms of Banking.

We offer Qualitative Banking governed by Regulations and Rules entertained in International Funds Transfer

  • Corporate Banking
  • Retail Banking
  • Business Banking
  • Digital Banking
  • Premier Banking

Our Special Service

We offer Financial Solutions to needed Clients and devise newer Strategies for Investments plans and Solutions.


We deliver High level Standards in all categories of Banking. Our customers relies on the high degree of Integrity and Confidentiality

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Team Work

We are endowed with a high end technical and competent Staff that delivers good Consolidated Statements and Financial advice for all prospective and known clients.

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We motivate and encourage Investors who come aboard with all enthusiasm

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Corporate Training


Data Mining


Investments in Banking Infrastructure



Our Best Work

We motivate teams and works with all Stakeholders to predict a better Financial Plan for clients

Customer Support

We have a vibrant Customer Support Service that provides cost-efficient services to all Complaints and Tickets.

Good investments

We deploy Hedging, Efficient Modes of Financing, Sponsoring and Security mechanisms in all our Investments.

Online Banking

We are also endowed with Internet Banking based platform that permits all registered clients to Access the Individual Portals and manage it accordingly.

Secure financial services

We provide High end Financial Solutions to all prospective and registered clients

Easy and fast answer

We motivate, guide and support all concerned clients to make good Financial Decisions

Retail Banking

We make provision of services to the general public; companies, corporations or other banks, which are often described as wholesale banking. These services are regarded as Retail including the provision of savings and transactional accounts, mortgages, personal loans, debit cards, and credit cards. Moreover, we offer investment banking or commercial banking as a division or department of a bank which deals with individual customers and other stakeholders

Best Team

Whether you’re a multinational, corporate or a international based business entity, Unity Savings & Loans understands your industry and international ambitions.

Frank hamer

Head Of International Banking

David Challinor

Head Of Group Finance

Marco Waespe

Branch Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

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We are Open as a Customer Oriented based Organization who deduces the contents of every Ticket or Challenge supplied to the Customer Support Desk.

All anonymous users or unregisterd users can apply officially to the Financial Institution about their Interest and keep posted.

We provides world-class solutions, insights and support – wherever you need.

Southlake Odier Bancorp Offshore has dedicated industry specialists and solutions to support your sector needs. .

Providing the best ofSouthlake Odier Bancorp Offshore, from expert transaction banking to innovative digital solutions.

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Our Clients Say

Our focus on building close working relationships means we have a deeper understanding of individual business requirements and can offer more relevant products and solutions. Hear our clients tell their story.

James Brent


With a breadth of services from across Unity Savings & Loans, and clear focus on the Hospitality sector, Unity Savings & Loans is supporting AEG to build a record-breaking business.

Bright Fegurson

United Kingdom

Southlake Odier Bancorp Offshore has a unique partnership with Airlabs, whose mission is to clean polluted urban air and make it safe for healthy breathing